Letter from the editor: Welcome!

Dear Reader, 

Hi! Welcome to the Osgoode Entertainment and Sports Law Blog. Truly, I am so thrilled that you are here. 

The ESLA Blog is a student-run law blog, so it has gone through many eras. As the new Editor-In-Chief, I am so excited to be ushering in a new era where we connect not only Osgoode students, but all Toronto law students in our shared love for entertainment and sports law. Bringing this blog back to life has been a germ of an idea for many months now, so to be launching it today… wow, what a feeling. 

The ESLA blog is meant to be a space for entertainment and sports law enthusiasts to connect over the (somewhat niche) subject area we are interested in. Accordingly, I would love to invite you to contribute to our blog. The only thing you need is a little bit of enthusiasm; the ESLA team can help you brainstorm, write, and publish. If you have an idea (or even if you don’t!), email us at esla@osgoode.yorku.ca, and we’ll get started. 

ESLA publishes on an ongoing basis both here and on LinkedIn. Our staff and guest writers work very hard to bring you engaging content, and I welcome any feedback you may have about what you want to hear from us. 

This blog would not have been possible without the help of the incredible ESLA team, especially Presidents Lauren Viray and Matt Vocino, and my partner-in-publishing and Co-Director of Marketing, Kim Liu. Thank you for giving me the time and opportunity to pursue this passion project. 

And to you, dear reader, thank you for being here! I hope you enjoy everything we have to offer.