Esports – A Ticking Time-Bomb for Match-Fixing

Esports is big business, representing more than a billion-dollar industry, with year-on-year growth over 26% and commanding a global audience of over 450 million that continues to rise each year. What is concerning, however, is that due to its recentness, esports does not possess the same 100 plus years of experience typically afforded by traditional sports … Continue reading Esports – A Ticking Time-Bomb for Match-Fixing

Introducing ESLA’s 1L Representatives!

We are excited to introduce the 1L representatives on this year's ESLA Executive. Stay tuned for the announcement of our first event! Section A:Meghan CarlinMelissa PaglialungaMichael Plastina Section B:Vaughan RawesJeremy WrightLauren O’Donohue Section C:Jordan Kazan BaigriePhoebe Goldig Section D:John Ewing

ESLA wants YOU! Seeking applications for 2018 president(s).

Do you have what it takes to be ESLA's next fearless leader(s)? We're looking for an innovative student to lead our 2018-2019 executive committee to victory. No experience? No problem. Our fearless leader requires only passion and dedication to making ESLA great (again). Responsibilities include taking charge of ESLA's annual conference, running executive meetings and … Continue reading ESLA wants YOU! Seeking applications for 2018 president(s).

#SpeakerSpotlight – David Zitzerman, Goodmans LLP

David Zitzerman is a partner and head of the Entertainment Law Group at Goodmans LLP. His practice focuses on the film, television and interactive industries in Canada and the United States. Clients include independent producers, Canadian networks, Hollywood studios, U.S. cable services, OTT services, European broadcasters, film and TV distributors, publishers, game companies, talent guilds … Continue reading #SpeakerSpotlight – David Zitzerman, Goodmans LLP

#SpeakerSpotlight – Mark Breslin, YukYuk’s Stand Up Comedy Clubs

Mark Breslin was recently inducted to the Order of Canada and was designated by the Toronto Star as one of the 180 most important people ever born in Toronto. He has spent the last 40 years expanding his comedy company YukYuks, and has been involved in film, TV, publishing and education. The only reason he … Continue reading #SpeakerSpotlight – Mark Breslin, YukYuk’s Stand Up Comedy Clubs